Our Story

 Welcome to The Color Mint...


 ...we’re happy you’re here! Let us introduce ourselves,   we are an online boutique with a passion for women’s   clothes, children's clothes, and accessories. TCM was   born in 2013 with a mission to bring the latest trends and   best in boutique styles to downtown Haverhill.

 After 5 years at our brick and mortar we made a   decision to take our show on the road. We were a   mobile boutique for a couple of years, now we are focusing on our little online   shop and popping up at small local events. Take a look around, shop a little,     shop a lot, we've got you covered.

Our Story...

At The Color Mint beyond the clothes, the fashion shows, and events, we have always held a deeper meaning in what we do.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur I felt called to make my late father proud. He was the one who first inspired me to open a store front in my hometown. Fast forward eight years later and my story has taken so many twists and turns but magically we always wind up exactly where we are meant to be.

As the Color Mint took to the road after the birth of my son Lincoln I was inspired to introduce Mini Mint to our brand. He was the center of my world and it felt so natural to expand our shop to outfit the next generation of TCM. All the while I had no idea how my world would change…

In January of 2020 our sweet Linc was diagnosed with autism. We immediately became his biggest advocate giving him as much at home therapy as possible. As of this March Lincoln has been enrolled in full time therapy and making the most impressive strides toward his learning and development. Everyday we are filled with so much pride by his progress.

Lincoln continues to shape me into such a better person & mother each and every day. He has taught me that every person has their own journey, their own pace, and path.

As a mother you long to do everything possible for your child. Which has brought me to this moment. As I continue to expand on our Mini Mint Collection, thanks to our sweet Linc, I decided to make your purchase have a purpose.

Going forward a portion of every purchase at The Color Mint will be donated to the Doug Floutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. Linc is loving the water these days so our donations will be going directly to the water sports program. This particular program hosts and sponsors an adaptive program that offers both adults and children with autism to take part in windsurfing, Hawaiian outrigging canoeing, stand up paddling, and so much more. Lincoln can start to participate when he is six and I am so looking forward to it.

I truly know in my heart that together we can make an impact and a difference in so many lives.

TCM has always been special but I am so excited for this next chapter. Shopping has always been our thing but now you can feel even better knowing a portion of your purchase will change a little life 💙 Your continued support will always mean so much to me.