TCM is on the Move!

The Color Mint is on the move!!! I can hardly believe we have been in railroad square for FIVE years!! What started out as my little dream has turned into so much more. Over the years you let TCM into your lives, you’ve become friends, and because of you all our mint mission is growing. 

It’s time to take TCM on the road. We’re packing up shop and becoming a mobile boutique, and we could ot be more excited!! The TCM camper is rolling out in an exciting debut on September 15th at Kimball Farm! 

The TCM camper is going to always be on the move- pop ups downtown, private home parties, even some house calls when you’re scrambling for that Friday night outfit. 

The possibilities are endless with our new mobile boutique! We can’t wait to share TCM with the world, and our camper makes it possible to reach far beyond our Haverhill home. 

In addition to our mobile store, our online store is being relaunched with a full inventory! Our social media will keep you up to date with what’s available online and where you can find us popping up!

We’ve made so many memories together in railroad square. I want to thank each and every one of you that came through these doors countless times, I couldn’t be more grateful for your love and support over the years. TCM is so excited for this next chapter. We can’t wait to pop up and play with you all so soon!! Last official day open will be August 4th!!!

All the love,